SOLD CONDITIONAL - HWY 48 & Main St. Stouffville Land Assembly


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Price: $ 18,500,000
Location: Stouffville/Whitchurch Stouffville

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HWY 48 & Main St, Stouffville Ont
Updated June 12, 2017

Executive Summary

Property Information:

The HWY 48 & Main St Project is located in the North East corner of the intersection of HWY 48 and Main St Stouffville and is comprised of 9 properties equaling 6.8 acres total. The accompanying 16 acres directly to the East of the 9 properties is also available as a Joint Venture project.

– 17.5 mil – Purchases the 6.8 acres of land.

Objectives: (cited from the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffvilles website listed below)
The Community of Stouffville is the focus for development in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville and, in turn, Main Street is the focus for the Community’s unique small town character. However, the intersection of Highway 48 and Main Street – the main “gateway” to the Community of Stouffville – does not currently provide the distinctive entrance which is required to welcome residents and visitors to the Community, and to link the area to the “Western Approach”.
This situation reflects a number of constraints to development in this area including the character of the roads, the extensive floodplain, the significant natural heritage features and the need to address the provision of services to the area. However, the limited development in the area also provides opportunities for the creation of a distinctive Gateway Mixed Use Area and this also applies to the adjacent portions of the Western Approach.
The Community of Stouffville Secondary Plan establishes that the Town may prepare a detailed precinct plan, including a concept plan, which will address not only design issues, but will provide a specific strategy to address and resolve constraints to development in this area. The current study will result in the development of the required plan and strategy with the intent of “kick starting” development of this key gateway to the Community of Stouffville.

Secondary Plan for the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville:

Western Gateway Study Plan:

Please click link below for the plans and report study along with a number of additional links with mapping, reports, environmental reports and more.

For individual Reports:
Related Reports and Information:
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ο Environmental Characterization Report NRSI
ο Stormwater Management and Floodplain Assessment
ο Water and Wastewater Background Study
ο Community of Stouffville Secondary Plan
ο Council Report July 21, 2015: Terms of Reference: Gateway Mixed Use Study
ο Location Map
ο Terms of Reference
ο Memo re: Contract Award for Community of Stouffville Gateway Mixed Use/Western Approach Study
ο Council Report October 20, 2015: Contract Award for Community of Stouffville Gateway Mixed Use/Western Approach Area Land Use Study

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All Information, attachments, links and photographs are from the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffvilles website at (Study date and publication date – Monday December 14, 2015)

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