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Thinking about listing your house for sale… but have no idea where to start?

Let me help you with a short description of how to List your home and have the best likely chance of success for a quick and painless sale at the absolute best possible price.

  1. Prepare your home for showings and open houses.  Any agent can tell you this … I’ll actually walk through your home with you and show you some of the obvious, and maybe some of the not so obvious places of your home that could cost you thousands, even tens of thousands in a lower sale price and a delayed offer.
  2.  De-cluttering your home is one of the biggest things that you could do to help your home sell for the best value.   Take clothes out of over stuffed closets that you aren’t wearing (winter clothes out if it is summer, summer clothes out if it is winter) this will make your closets seem twice the size, this includes your front door closet as well. De-cluttering the garage, basement and storage areas as well this will also make a big difference on how big those places feel.
  3. Try to de-personalize your home as much as possible, you want potential buyers to visualize themselves in your home … Looking at a picture of Old Uncle Marvin and Aunt Betty will not help them feel at home.  Take down as many family pictures as is reasonable, remember, if you do all these things your home will sell fast and all your pictures can go right back up where they were.


These are just a few of the simple things that sellers can do to speed up the sale of their home and get TOP dollar!   I’ll show you a ton more when we meet.

Either fill out the Get in touch! form below, Give me a call, send me a text or drop me an email today to talk through listing your home.


Thank you,


Adam Ratcliff

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